Maggie’s Thrift is a social enterprise project of Maggie’s Place, a Phoenix-based Non-Profit.

Maggie’s Place

Maggie’s Place is a community that provides homes to welcome pregnant women who are alone or on the streets.  The organization has been in operation since May 2000 achieving many local and community goals such as:

  • Welcoming over 1,000 women and their babies
  • Building long term relationships with the moms and serving as an ongoing support system
  • Envisioning and implementing new programmatic dimensions
  • Hosting various special events
  • Replication of the model in various locations

Why a Social Enterprise Project?

Many non-profits are involved in social enterprise projects to enhance their missions by generating revenue and empowering individuals through meaningful work.  The demographic analysis (as of March 2011) of the moms we serve illustrates that more than half of our guests have past addictions, felonies, and have not achieved their high school diploma. This reality creates many obstacles in the job world. Our belief is that having a meaningful involvement in a work place environment helps build marketable skills and workplace culture.

Learn About our Job Training Program

The Job Training Program at Maggie’s Thrift gives the current & alumnae moms of Maggie’s Place an opportunity to learn job skills in retail.


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