Job Training Program


Jaime, the manager, working with an alumnae mom store volunteer.



The Job Training Program is only available to current & alumnae Maggie’s Place guests at this time.

Maggie’s Place encourages the development of productivity, growth, change and adaptability in its moms. Maggie’s Thrift, a social enterprise project of Maggie’s Place, aids this development through the Job Training Program.  Participants of this program will work towards achievable goals as they gain skills that lead to financial independence.  Enrollment in the Job Training Program should not be a priority if a guest is in school, has a paying job, etc.

Please Consider Before Applying:

  • The Job Training Program is not a paid position, and participants must find their own transportation.
  • The Job Training Program is not intended to be the only activity in which a Maggie’s Place Mom is participating in.
  • The Job Training Program should not take the place of work or school already established.

A Mom Eligible to Participate in the Job Training Program Must:

  • Have been living at Maggie’s Place for a minimum of 3 weeks.
  • Be working towards another goal such as their GED, school, work, job searching, etc, agreed upon by/ with their contact person.
  • Understand that this should not account for all of the weekly productivity requirement.
  •  Complete comprehensive classes that go along with the program at Fresh Start, AWEE, or Goodwill career centers.

Participants will Learn:

  • Basic time management skills
  • Basic job skills
  • Team building
  • Exposure to the job market
  • Retail merchandising
  • Customer service skills
  • Community involvement
  • Staging merchandise
  • Entry level tasks; all the way up to helping run the store daily.
  • Inventory management
  • Interview skills
  • And much more!
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