Steps to Complete the Job Training Program:

See explanation of steps below
  1. Meet with the Director of Guest Ministries to discuss the program.
  2. Submit an application online and ask your contact person to fill out the Staff Recommendation Form.
  3. Attend “Career Boot Camp” at Fresh Start, and get certified by submitting the Attendance Record to the Fresh Start front desk.
  4. Maggie’s Thrift manager schedules interviews.
  5. Interview at Maggie’s Thrift.
  6. The manager will let you know of the hiring decision within three days of the interview.
  7. Orientation at store/paperwork.
  8. Once hired, move up through Job Training Levels.
  9. Submit two weeks notice before leaving/completion of the program.

1. Meet with the Director of Guest Ministries to discuss the program.

The Director of Guest Ministries will act as a recruiter for the Job Training Program. If a Maggie’s Place guest shows interest in working at Maggie’s Thrift, she must meet with the Director of Guest Ministries and go over the Job Training Program Overview.

2. Complete and submit application.

In order for a Maggie’s Place guest to participate in the Job Training Program, she must complete an application. Within one week of submitting the online application, the guest must ask her contact person to fill out the Staff Recommendation Form.

3. Certification through the “Career Boot Camp” at Fresh Start.

A guest must print out a Fresh Start Attendance Record. This form has a list of “Career Boot Camp” classes to be completed before interviewing for the Job Training Program.  These classes include: Job Searching for the Future, Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Interviewing Lab, and Professional Communication & Etiquette.  Moms can attend at the Phoenix or Mesa Fresh Start locations.  The guest will turn the completed Attendance Record into the Fresh Start front desk for certification.  Fresh Start will notify Maggie’s Thrift of certification.

  • As of right now, the Mesa Location does not offer the full Career Boot Camp. They are looking to create one in the near future.
  • Another option for training, is a three day workshop at an Arizona Goodwill Career Training Center. Please contact the Assistant Manager if you are interested in this.

4. Maggie’s Thrift manager schedules interview.

After Fresh Start notifies Maggie’s Thrift that the “Career Boot Camp” has been completed, the manager of the store will call the applicant within one week to schedule an interview.

5. Interview at Maggie’s Thrift.

The interviewee needs to be on time, dressed professionally and prepared to spend an hour with the interviewer.  There will be a tour and some explanations of how the store is run during the interview.

6. Hiring decision.

Within three days of the interview, the manager will make a decision whether to welcome the applicant into the Job Training Program. The applicant will be contacted regarding the hiring decision at that time.

7. Orientation at store and paperwork.

During orientation, the participant will complete the training manual, sign releases and agreements (Liability Release & Job Experience Agreement), and create her name tag. The levels of the Job Training Program will be explained at this time.

8. Move up through Job Training Levels.

Each participant will have opportunities to move up through the levels of the Job Training Program. The speed in which a mom moves up through levels will be determined by the manager, and is based on the participant’s maturity and willingness to learn.

9. Protocol upon leaving or completion of the program.

A participant must commit to working at least one month to be eligible for the Job Training Program (certain situations can be exempt at management discretion). Valid reasons to leave the store include giving birth, enrollment in school full time, etc. Once the participant has decided to leave, she must submit a two-week notice in the form of a typed letter verifying:

  • End date
  • Reason for leaving

Within two weeks of the participant’s end date, Maggie’s Thrift management will have her letters of recommendation prepared. Management reserves the right to refuse recommendation if deemed appropriate. The participant can redeem her Job Training Program credit up to two weeks after her move out date. We are not able to hold items for moms longer than this period of time.

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